Tuesdays - Equine Gym - Linked Personal Training and Riding Session


I went along to Tuesday's class not knowing what to expect. It was fab! So much fun. Being pretty fit and active but new to riding I wasn’t sure if the exercise bit before would be for me.

Probably just more of the same as I do now! I am happy to report I was completely wrong!

The exercises were similar to those I do, but done slightly differently to help promote flexibility and strength to benefit your riding. The real difference came when we got on the horses! My legs seemed to have grown and I had to lower my stirrups 2 notches! I was able to sit deeper and more securely in the saddle and was aware of the muscles in my back I needed to use to stabilise my core and allow my arms to relax. I have never felt so comfortable.

Two days later I was back on the horse and that leg length increase has stayed with me and I am still able to sit deeper into the saddle. Amazing and that was after only one session! Goodness only knows what they will have me being able to do now they have seen me ride and know my specific areas of concern! Great session and I will be coming back again and again! Thanks Sandridgebury!

Amy L



Children's Birthday party

I just want to thank you so much (and to Vicky too) for everything running so smoothly on Sunday - the girls all had such a fantastic time and it was such a lovely party.  We have a very happy 6 year old!  I wasn't expecting party bags so that was a really nice (and thoughtful) surprise too.  
I just wanted to convey my thanks again and ****** is looking forward to more pony days, parties and riding!


Beaumont annual activity days


I would like to thank you for letting us have our annual visit to Sandridgebury Stables this year.  All the students really enjoyed themselves and for several it was their second visit having come with us last year which says a lot.  Your new yard manager Natalie was great in communication with me prior to the visit and had a very patient and pleasant manner about her with the students and staff as did all of the girls involved in our visit.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved and thank you again for having us.