Mini Rider Series 5-10yrs

Junior Rider Series – 10-15yrs


Our Rider Series is designed specifically for our Riders aged between 5 and 15 years old. This series initially ran across the school holidays. However, due to its huge success, we have also implemented this across the weekends.



What is the Mini/Junior Rider Series?

The Mini/Junior Rider Series is a set of 1-1.5 hour long lessons/sessions with various content tailored for our younger, beginner riders.


Why have you developed the Mini/Junior Rider Series?

This series was designed in order to give our younger riders much more variety and additional ways to learn outside of their regular Lead Rein/Beginner classes.


What do the sessions entail?

These sessions will always include a ride in various formats. Depending upon the content of the sessions, the ride could either be in the arena or out hacking. The duration of the ride will be determined upon the content of the session. Some of the sessions will be entirely ridden, whilst some will contain additional pony related activities. Please rest assured, your rider will always have a ride!


What sessions are available through the Mini/Junior Rider Series?

The following sessions are currently available in this series.

·      Pony Party Games – Gymkhana Games

·      Paint Your Pony and Ride – Pony safe paints are used to turn your pony into a My Little Pony and then we go out for a ride

·      Handy Pony – Riding round an obstacle course

·      Snakes and Ladders – Pole work in the form of ladders and bending/weaving exercises for the snakes

·      Ponies Tea Party – Groom, ride and the riders then pick their ponies tea from our ingredients.

·      Groom and Ride – Half hour groom and a half hour ride

·      Countryside Hack – A ride outside of the arena on one of our farm trails

·      Beginners Jumping – Learn the very beginnings of course riding

·      Steering Super stars – Practice exceptional steering control around obstacles!

·      Trot-tastic – Learn the footfalls of trot, sitting trot, rising trot and when and how we would use each

·      Themed session (ie, Easter Egg Hunt, treasure hunt)

Rides will either be in the arena or out on a hack.


How much does the Mini/Junior Rider Series cost?

One hour sessions cost £40 and one and a half hour sessions cost £45.


Do I have to book and attend the whole series?

Sessions are booked individually and paid for at time of booking, the same as our other lessons. You can attend the whole series or just the sessions you like the sound of.


Will you be adding different sessions?

Yes, the series will be added to over time to continue to enable our riders to enjoy a variety of different learning activities.


How do I book these sessions?

Create an account at and go through lesson bookings, make a booking and have a look through the calendar to see what is available.